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These online resources are links to a variety of resources by reputable EL teachers, leaders, bloggers, and educational institutions and are not an entity of NC DPI Title III.

Academic Language Development

Academic Sentence Frames By: Portland Teachers

Picture Word Inductive Model By:

ELD Class: Supplementary Grammar Practice By:

Interactive Writing Frames By: Scholastic

EXC-ELL Resources By: Margarita Calderón

Pre-teaching vocabulary in 7 steps By: Margarita Calderón

Content Class Support

Sheltering Instruction for ELs in Content Classes By: Valentina Gonzalez (Weebly blog)

Ways a Mainstream Teacher Can Support an ELL Newcomer in Class By: Larry Ferlazzo (Edublogs)

SIOP Resource Library By: The Center for Applied Linguistics (

10 Nonfiction Children’s Books that Humanize Mathematics By: Kara Newhouse

Scaffolds to Support English Language Learners in Writing and Discussion By:

Language Level Differentiation

The GO TO Strategies: EL Scaffolding Options By: The Center for Applied Linguistics (

WIDA’s Resource Library By: WIDA (

EL Strategies Differentiated Desk Cards By: The RESC Alliance in CT

The Best Multilingual and Bilingual Sites for Learning English By: Larry Ferlazzo

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