Remote Learning Resources for English Learners

Contributed by Lisa Sibaja During this age of remote learning, I’ve learned a great deal from our state-wide PLC for English as a Second Language. The ESL Support Team recently had a Twitter Chat about Differentiating for ELs During Remote Learning on Monday, April 27. Larry Ferlazzo tweeted a great idea: sharing an image duringContinue reading “Remote Learning Resources for English Learners”

Using 7 Steps to a Language-Rich Interactive Classroom with ELs

Over the past few years, many ESL teachers have seen ACCESS speaking scores plummet, and we are looking for ways to increase confidence and proficiency with oral discourse. The book, 7 steps to a Language-Rich Interactive Classroom, by John Seidlitz and Bill Perryman, has classroom activities that promote productive academic language. The first part ofContinue reading “Using 7 Steps to a Language-Rich Interactive Classroom with ELs”

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